Sunday, September 13, 2009


Acne is something that is so frustrating, when you have it! People with breakouts monthly or regularly, as a teenager or an adult are desperate to find answers. Well, I don't know if I have all the answers but I have a few...

Acne can be hormonal or have to do with your digestive system. The problem is that people who I work on can sometimes expect to have their skin fixed by facials and products only. Although, these are essential- they will not usually cure a chronic condition.

If your problem is digestive, GET OFF dairy! Dairy is a huge contributor to Acne. And GET ON Probiotics. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that help with digestion. (When you buy supplements, buy them from the Health Food Store. Anything from Walmart or that has a jingle that goes with it- STAY AWAY!:) You possibly, might be having an allergic reaction to wheat, eggs, soy, or peanuts. Try eliminating all these allergens from your diet and then re-introducing them, helping your find the culprit.

If your problem is from Hormones including if you are stressed, there are a few things you can do. Try Vitex. It is a plant/herb that will help regulate your hormones. Can only be taken when not pregnant. Also Zinc plus Copper, can dramatically improve hormonal acne.

Whether you experience hormonal or digestive acne (can be both) ALWAYS take Omegas. I could go on about Omegas forever!!!! I will have to do a post just about Omegas. Flax, Fish and Borage are Essential for your diet and your skin. Trust me. You can not grow healthy skin cells without it. Especially if you are trying to regenerate your skin from acne.

Most important Vitamin to put on your skin with acne, is Vitamin A. Also known as Retinol, people tend to be afraid of this little vitamin. Not only should you not fear it, but you should be using it daily! Retinol helps to regulate the skins growth and turn over. Reducing clogging and bacteria growth. AHA's, are also amazing for exfoliation, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation.

Acne can be a beast. But if you are eating right, taking your supplements and topical nutrients, you should have no problem taming the beast! Some times changing our diet is the least favorite choice, but it can change your skin and your life!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Compulsive, Morbid Workaholic

My name is Brianne Hovey, and I am a recovering workaholic. I recently just took a leap of faith and quit my job as a full time employee in the work force. I am creating balance in my life, and change IS happening. My sister, who is a massage therapist, has recently started a new modality that is called Jin Shin Jitsu (more on this below), that is helping me find this balance and peace in my life. The thing that came up tonight was regarding my liver being overworked- described as compulsive, morbid, workaholic. Could anybody describe me better!?! Well, at least the old me. I am finding that work is addicting, and it is a constant pull. There are so many addictions out there, and my addiction has been work.

So, I have made a conscience choice in the last couple weeks to CREATE balance! I am sleeping better- even taking naps when my son does, I am exercising more and finding time to read and recharge. I can't believe the ABUSE I have put my body through the last 5 years with travel and the stressful load of work! I am sure grateful for my body for carrying me through as well as it did.

, if you are feeling overworked, overstressed, exhausted, or depressed- here are some ideas that might help you move to a new place.

Body therapy
My new favorite is Jin Shin Jitsu, it is a Japanese body modality that helps to move blocked energy in your organs and meridians. It is Amazing! Truely, I have never felt such movement, as I do with JinShin. Some other great ones that focus on the energy meridians include, acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu and reflexology.

Lets not forget the miracle of touch- Massage. Remember how essential it is stop and relax. Massage helps to detoxify, helps with circulation, helps with muscle tension, and most importantly helps you reconnect with your body to your mind and your spirit. I had a really good friend start having chronic migraines. Nothing she did helped. I did some cranial sacral (modality that works with the bones surrounding the brain) and within a 30 minute session her migraines went away. You don't have to stay in the pain!

Good Food. Food is therapy. Do a cleanse and start new with eating habits.

CALL DAVE. Dave, at Dave's Health and Nutrition in SLC, UT takes daily (FREE) phone calls at 12pm MST. He listens to your concern- anything from headaches to depression and will tell you an herb, homeopathic, or supplement you can take to support your body. He is awesome! His number is 801-483-9024.

There are SO many ways to move past pain, discomfort or the feeling of being "stuck" that you might be experiencing right now. The point is to just make a step. One step. Even if it is taking a walk in the middle of the day when your mind and body need a break from the computer or going to bed early instead of picking up the house. I hear ALL THE TIME people say, there is nothing you can do, while in pain, discomfort or distress. But really there are SO many things you can do! I am on this journey, right this very moment. I am happier than I have been in a very long time and yet I still have chains that bind me. It is a constant effort to take care of myself. I leave you with a quote I LOVED, that my sister told me tonight. It puts into perspective my ultimate goal...

Monday, August 31, 2009

Traditional Makeup VS. Mineral Makeup

I started out as a makeup Artist with traditional makeup over 10 years ago. Mineral Makeup really didn't boom until about 5 years ago. I started with a company that was mineral base 4 years ago, and it was like learning a whole new art of applying it! It is so pigmented (a little goes a long way), which means the makeup lasts you longer. One reason it is so pigmented is that it is talc-free. Talc is an ingredient that can chronically dry out your skin, and is put in makeup to spread color. Mineral Makeup is also non- comedogenic, meaning it won't clog your pores. Actually the minerals just float topically on the skin, rather then digesting into the pores. So your skin actually breaths normally as if nothing were on it. Minerals are also dye and fragrance free.

Minerals are not just a loose powder. You can find them in liquid foundation, eye makeup, lip gloss, mascara- pretty much anything you can find at the Mac counter. If you have tried minerals and didn't like them, you probably tried the wrong brand. The Brand matters. With more professional brands, you get better colors and better texture. My personal favorites are Simply Moore Makeup and GloMinerals. Some other popular brands are Tru, Jane Iredale and Young Blood. You can find all these brands in Spas, Salons and Doctor's offices.

So why use Minerals??
Traditional makeup clogs your pores, dries out your skin and can contribute to breakouts. Mineral makeup has anti-aging properties, a natural SPF, and allows your skin to breath. They look very natural and can actually get away with looking as if you are wearing nothing at all!

Sunday, August 16, 2009


So I had heard quite a bit growing up about dairy
products (particularly Milk) being not the ideal
food for your body. It wasn't until my son of 1 year
was diagnosed with Asthma that I got serious about
it. After rushing him to the emergency
room 3 times, being transferred by
ambulance and admitted to the hospital with my
son not breathing on his own I looked into what
was causing this. I called my favorite Nutritionist,
Ben Fuchs and asked him what causes Asthma? He
flat out said allergens- specifically dairy. I thought
that was crazy because Phoenixx had been on goats
milk his whole life knowing cow's milk wasn't great
for babies. But ALOT of goats milk. The boy was
addicted.The doctor told us Phoenixx had such bad
asthma he would be on a breathing treatment with
steroids 2 x's a day! I would not be okay with this.
I know steroids shut down your kidneys and your
immune system. So I followed Ben's suggestions
and got him off every allergen in the book. The boy
was limited. But VERY soon, I'm talking weeks later
he was asthma free. He has not had an attack since
and I know his body is free of it! It's now been 4
months and Nate and I got off milk as well,and our
allergies have cleared and Nate has lost 15 pounds.
NOW for those who don't know my husband, Nate was
a milk freak!!! I'm talking like 2 gallons a day!We drink
almond and rice milk now. (So good if you want to cook
with it or have cereal).

Ben suggested I go to a website called YOU
should check it out! It is packed with information
regarding milk and disease. We are so brainwashed to
what we should be eating by the government, drug
companies and the media.THINK about what you are
eating before you put it in your mouth, more
importantly in your kids mouth! Read below some
great info I took from the website.

Eighty percent of milk protein is CASEIN, the same glue used
to hold together wood in furniture. Casein is also the glue
used to affix a label to a bottle of beer. Eat casein and
you produce histamines. Histamines result in mucus. Mucus
makes breathing difficult.

The thought of
drinking human breast mil at my age is beyond comical. It's

Why is it innately disgusting? Because instinctively, we
know that milk from the mother of a specific species of
mammal to her infant is the perfect food for that baby. The
milk contains lactoferrins, immunoglobulins, and other
hormones that were designed for that species.

Why do we LOVE cow's milk?

We've been brainwashed!

No cow's milk for me. No pig's milk yogurt, nor horse milk
ice cream. No dog cream cheese, and certainly no skunk sour

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Welcome to my Blog! This is actually the 5th blog I have created. I have been called (on many occasions) the ONE STOP SHOP, so I decided to bring all that I do to 1 Blog. Here you will find tid bits on makeup techniques to skincare advice to therapies for yourself and your kids to supplements/food and recipe ideas.

MY HISTORY: I am a MLM Brat!! Translation= I have experienced every Nutrition supplement out there. My dad started 3 MLM companies and worked for many others, all whole foods and nutrition. I grew up having a bowl of herbs for breakfast... Yummy. My hubby, Nate is going to Integrative Nutrition out of NYC next January, so I plan to share this blog with him. He will bring all kinds of ideas to eating better, how to cook healthy foods and how to bring balance to your life with Nutrition.

I decided to go to Massage Therapy school-10 years ago (much to my sisters persuasion) and fell in love with Body Therapy. I learned a ton on muscle manipulation and even more exciting energy healing. There are so many incredible ways to heal your body and your kids, I plan to talk about them!

Next on the list is Makeup. I loooove makeup. I am actually a junkie. People usually think of a massage therapist as a "ALL NATURAAL" - not me. I started at makeup counters 12 years ago and have worked for 4 makeup companies. I specialize in Bridal Makeup, but love the everyday beauty as well. I sell glominerals, my favorite. And my newest BFF is Michael Moore- the makeup artist, so of course I plan to stay UP on my makeup advice.

Skincare. Wow, where do I begin?? Started 8 years ago traveling for a French Skincare co. all over the US doing classes on skin and body. I have a Passion for skin to say the least. I don't only preach good skincare, but I preach what you are putting in your body that shows up on your skin. I can't fix a diet coke, wendy's, milk drinking smoker with only skincare. I will give advice on what you can supplement with nutrition and vitamins and beg you to at least meet me half way! The skin is an organ, how are you treating your heart compared to your skin???

And MORE... I am a photographer, ex jean junkie, and children's book writer. So I am sure I will be throwing a curve ball to you here and there about what the latest True Religion style is. Because in the whole scheme of things, THAT is important!! ;)